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MYPTS patented products – ME series passive electronic pressure /temperature switches – are electronic switches with state of the art micro-power consumption circuitry and integrated technology. This is a unique product in both design and performance. With no internal and external power supply, these series of products consume minimal power and thus voiding the error of the control loops circuitry. This design also eliminates the submerged signal condition associated with high power circuit design, while overcoming the weakness of the non-electronic mechanical switches.

The core of MYPTS products is “Micro Power Technology”

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Working principle

Equipped with standard industrial pressure sensors/thermal resistors or thermocouples (temperature switches), MYPTS products use high precision instruments to amplify, compute, compensate and drive the outputs. High-Precision Set Point and Return Point circuits are also incorporated into the design to provide stable set values. Equipped with our unique micro-power technology and measuring circuit, MYPTS products takes full advantage of the two-wire principle and anti-interference capability of current loops to make these innovative switches fast, accurate, stable and reliable.

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Unique Features:

- A general structure with a compact and strong shell, suitable for most of the extreme environments.
- A fully welded and sealed sensor, ensuring switch durability.
- Modular design circuitry with minimal connections, ensuring the reliability of the switch.
- A wider operating range, making the switch suitable for different applications.
- Extremely simple and easy to adjust the Set Point and the Return Point, and switch between NO and NC.
- Simple and easy to install and secure the switch on a field site in any direction.
- Non-polar two-wire connection