All of MYPTS products are manufactured and examined under strict quality control standards, and meet the requirements of various government authorities and pertinent technical agencies, and reach the technical specifications listed in the following table.

Measurement forms and scopes Pressure(P)--- (-0.1~100) MPa
Differential pressure(D)---(0~3.5) MPa
Temperature(T)---max(-100~1200) ℃
Accuracy Accuracy level: (differential) pressure switch: 0.5(0.2for special)
Fixed value inaccuracy: 0.5%FS
Nonlinearity: ±0.5%
Repeatability: ±0.05% FS
Long time stability: ±0.1% 5 years
Temperature drift:±0.01% FS/℃
Output form Two-wire:No extra power, non-touch switch quantity output.
Output signal:often open(NO)、often close(NC)can be set , Often open(NO)is the basic type(factory set)


•  Voltage: 8~250V DC/AC;No polarity require for wiring.

•  Overvoltage characteristic: less than 300VAC/DC

•  Current: DC<0.15mA , AC<0.9mA

On-state: Contact rating not less than 2A 250VDC; 2A 250VAC 50/60Hz
Sensitivity Response time:< 0.1 ms(Process change output to the switch quality change)
Hysteresis: 0.05% FS
Fixed value & method setting

Action and return value can be adjust(Range: 5~95%);
NO(often open), NC(often close) can be set convenient.(Special requirements should be set in the factory)

Operation temperature

Normal operating temperature range: -10~+100℃

Limited working temperature range: -20~+125℃

Storage transportation temperature range: - 40~+125 ℃
Work medium Compatibility: all fluid medium
Overdrive Pressure: 2FS
Reliability Life: Work for more than 12 years under normal conditions.
Vibration/Impact Resistance: 10g, resist vibration from all directions, the max frequency is 500Hz
Protection Grade: IP68 (Need to install the same grade cable access device)
Display LED
electromagnetic compatibility Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): EN 61000-4-2 No effect 15 kV air, 6 kV contact
High-frequency Electromagnetic: EN 61000-4-3 No effect radiation (HF) 20 V/m, 80 … 1000 Mz
Conducted HF Interference:EN 61000-4-6 No effect 10V, 0.15 ... 80 MHz
Fast Transients (burst) EN 61000-4-4 No effect 4 kV
Magnetic Fields: EN 61000-4-8 No effect 30 A/m, 50 Hz
Interference Emit Test Standard Effects
EN 55022 (CISPR 22) Conducted interference 0.15... 30 MHz No emission Radiation from housing 30...1000 MHz, 10 meters No emission
Insulation Voltage:500 VDC (optional 1000 VDC) No effect 350 VAC (optional 700 VAC)
Environment safety CLASSⅠ, Div.1&2, GROUPS B(1) , C&D
CLASSⅢ, NEMA 3, 4, 4X, 7, 9 C, D, E, F&G Temp Code T6
Processing connect Stainless Steel, 1/2NPT, M20, G1/2 to be chosen. See the detail in the selection table.
Electric connect Nylon joint, Metal hose waterproof connector to be chosen.

Shell:Alufer ZL102,stainless steel to be chosen;
Processing Joint:SS316L, see the detail in the selection table.

Dimensions See the pictures

All components, including sensors, and auxiliary materials, to exterior shell, are subjected to stringent tests simulating actual operation environments under the most extreme and realistic conditions. All product functionality, including aging, anti-interference, and communication capability tests are performed on every unit prior to shipping. These is to ensure that Set- and Return-Point accuracy and full functionality of our products will not be compromised from -10 to 100 ℃ or a wider temperature range as per customer’s requirement.

MYPTS products can be used in almost all industries, including but not limited to, power, chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, fire control, food, pharmaceutical, transport and shipping industries. They are not only the best choice to compliment DCS- or PLC- based control systems, but also the most ideal upgrade or replacement of the traditional mechanical pressure/temperature switches.