MYPTS Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd is an enterprise focusing on research, development and production of our patented microelectronic switches. We have years of experience in this field backed by our strong production capabilities.

Our Vision:
To be the leading partner in providing innovative Pressure & Temperature switches solution.

Our Achievements :
True high performance and trouble-free pressure/ temperature switch products
Eliminates fundamental problems of mechanical switches
Fast switch response time <0.1ms
Long term reliability and stability
High level of accuracy and sensitivity
Excellent operating range in extreme environment
Innovative; configurable and Cost effective products

Patented Technology
The MYPTS patented products - ME series passive electronic pressure/temperature switches - are fully electronic with a unique micro-power consumption circuit design and integration technology. According to the technical information retrieval at home and abroad, there have not any the same type of this product application or reports of equal performance. Without power supply from both internally or externally, using the checking voltage to ensure the normal working, and the tiny power consumptions won't lead to the error of judgment of control loops. This technology can solve and break through the signal submerged condition that power consumptions lead to, which breaks through the bottleneck of non-electronic of mechanical switches. As a result, the birth of this product will undoubtedly provide a broad prospect of passive electronic technology application.

The core of MYPTS products is "Tiny Power Consumption"